1) How do I place an order?

These are the general steps of your shopping journey with us:

  1. Choose your product, add to cart & amend the quantity
  2. Check order details
  3. Confirm your shopping cart
  4. Provide shipping & billing information
  5. Choose payment options and finalise payment
  6. You will see the payment transaction status on your screen
  7. For a successful transaction, we will email you the order confirmation shortly

2) How much would delivery service cost?

Free of charge with minimum order of $80 per checkout as our products are priced extremely low.
We will deliver in 1-2 Business Days to all addresses in Singapore right to your doorstep.

Need help on an enquiry?

Worry not, contact us with the green support button via Whatsapp below! We are happy to serve and assist with any enquires.

Contact us, we are here to help!